Our first winery was housed in an old house in the small adjacent village Potamia. For sentimental reasons, we still hold this space somewhat operational. Winemakers see "we do not." It is a job in which the feeling is over.

Our new, central, Winery is built in 2003 at a strategic point in the heart of our vineyards. In 2010 the band is complemented by the creation of the Oenological Laboratory. Valuable for the business as well as for the wider region as it provides services and advice to wine producers and small winemaking enterprises in Laconia, the wine laboratory of "Giannopoulos Vineyards" has contributed substantially to the maturing of the company.

Everything that concerns the Winery, new activities, actions, initiatives, events will be taught by our friends through "Our News", here on the website of "Giannopoulos Vineyards".