Identity: Rosé  ''ΛΩ'' is here to be loved. Earthy flavours from freshly picked up flowers and sweet spices that leave a velvet aftertaste and harmony to mouth.

''ΛΩ'' like one of the words from the local dialect of Lakonia that declares respect and appreciation

''ΛΩ'' like a new reason in order to travel to our vineyards, freshened up by Taygetos.

''ΛΩ'' like our new suggestion with three labels that ''are shouting'' their origin and complacently admitting how good they are.

They stand worthy on the table and colour your glass with red,white and rosé wine.

The three ''ΛΩ'' are our small treasures which are revealed only to those who love good wine and do not want to share it. That's why you will find them in individual packages of 187ml.

''ΛΩ''. One word with two letters and three suggestions.

Alcohol 11,5%.